Dear all

The reason initially for postponing this gig is because I was pretty unwell at the end of November with a bout of anxiety :( I had a series of HORRIBLE panic attacks! I think, in hind-sight, that I MAY have taken a bit too much on during my maternity leave (we hadn’t figured out a healthy balance of work, rest and play.) We also hadn’t anticipated our adorable 6-month old daughter Ziona having a cold & waking nearly every hour through the night for a week (after waking quite frequently in the night during a ‘brain leap’ for nearly a month). Thank God, we’re all fine now (although my amazing husband and parents may also be feeling a little tired from looking after us so well!). We’re enjoying some hearty TLC & holiday at my parents newly converted barn in Lincolnshire. Everyone is happy; Grandma and Grandpa (my parents!) are getting free-flowing cuddles with Ziona, Ziona has even more attention than usual & we are getting some well-deserved rest :)

Anyway… We thought it would be best to postpone the gig from the 15th of December until next year. (Hopefully early) next year, you won’t be as busy as in December either, so you may be more free to come to the gig. You may also have had way to0 much to eat at Christmas, will enjoy the exercise coming out for the evening & will feel great that you would not only hear some (hopefully) good music from myself and Billie, but will be supporting the amazing Dalit Candle charity & in turn, helping some beautiful Indian families to find their feet in this (sometimes) cruel world. Hope to see you soon.

Much love, Hannah



I have just released a new SINGLE which is a ‘radio edit’ of the track ‘Run’ from my new ‘Beyond Your Skin’ album – with a rocky twist! This is the first of ‘The Singles’ – a new collection of ‘radio edit versions’ of my album tracks that I am releasing over the next few months.

Buy a copy of the ‘Beyond Your Skin’ album (hard or soft) & get the single for free!  Or if you already have the album, you can buy the single from my website shop.

For every hard copy of the album bought (from today), you will receive a free Dalit candle AND we will e-mail the new single. If you download the album on-line (from today), e-mail your receipt, and we will e-mail the single to you.
Run - radio edit
I have a few radio interviews promoting the single in the next few days – listings are on the show schedule on my website. Then… I won’t be gigging for a few weeks because we are having a baby (any time now really!!!) V exciting!! You can next catch me doing a few festival gigs over the summer (with baby and a good pair of their ear-defenders!!)

If you would like to keep more up to date with my future gigs, visit my website for the show schedule. You can also follow me on Twitter, befriend me on FaceBook & ‘Like’ my Fan page.

Much love,

Hannah x

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