New single released today! FREE with an album…


I have just released a new SINGLE which is a ‘radio edit’ of the track ‘Run’ from my new ‘Beyond Your Skin’ album – with a rocky twist! This is the first of ‘The Singles’ – a new collection of ‘radio edit versions’ of my album tracks that I am releasing over the next few months.

Buy a copy of the ‘Beyond Your Skin’ album (hard or soft) & get the single for free!  Or if you already have the album, you can buy the single from my website shop.

For every hard copy of the album bought (from today), you will receive a free Dalit candle AND we will e-mail the new single. If you download the album on-line (from today), e-mail your receipt, and we will e-mail the single to you.
Run - radio edit
I have a few radio interviews promoting the single in the next few days – listings are on the show schedule on my website. Then… I won’t be gigging for a few weeks because we are having a baby (any time now really!!!) V exciting!! You can next catch me doing a few festival gigs over the summer (with baby and a good pair of their ear-defenders!!)

If you would like to keep more up to date with my future gigs, visit my website for the show schedule. You can also follow me on Twitter, befriend me on FaceBook & ‘Like’ my Fan page.

Much love,

Hannah x

Exciting times!


Life is full and exciting at the moment! It was so busy running up to the release of Beyond Your Skin album… then busy busy for the album launch at Band On The Wall… now we are working on a single version of ‘Run’ to hopefully release in the next few weeks along-side the E-magazine with the album lyrics / stories & insight…. Phew!!

I will then be putting my feet up and resting-up before our first baby arrives at the end of April!! Exciting times!… We’re not exactly ready yet, but REALLY – how ready can you be for the biggest change in your life ever!! I am planning not to plan straight after the new arrival! Who knows how I will be feeling. My only concrete plans are that I will be on the road for a few days of the summer – and playing at festivals such as Greenbelt in August…. baby (with mega-cute ear-defenders) on one hip and my keyboard on the other!

I am on BBC radio Manchester tomorrow morning… MOTHERS DAY! Gosh.. I’m a Mother!! (Well – strictly a ‘Mother-TO-BE!’) The show goes out live at 8am, but you can catch it on a podcast at any point in the week.

I shall be announcing the single release date soon – so keep your eyes and ears peeled! Don’t forget to get your copy of the new album on your favourite on-line store or as a hard copy from my website (with the free Dalit Candle) if you haven’t already purchased your copy. Hope you enjoy it!

Love Hannah x

Gathering everything together for the album launch tonight!


I hope you can make it tonight!

I am doing all the last few things – my hair and make-up artist is coming over in 20 minutes… all the rest of the MAMMOTH team will be arriving staggered this afternoon at Band On The Wall….

I think I’ve done about 20 lists in all – 10 lists alone are going to Sarah Walker who is event managing it tonight (she’s also been on the fashion team, the over-all creative team and SHE”S AMAZING!!!!) AND I think I’m nearly finished with my ‘to do’!!! Yeah!! It’s been a mission organising this – but I am so excited now!! We’ve really enjoyed the dress rehearsals with Alegro string quartet, Judith on harp, guitar, bass, drums – and myself on piano / vocals…

Here we go!!!!! I’d better dry my hair!!

Hannah xxx